Welcome! My name is Taylor. I’ve always said that if I have a sandwich and a plan, I’m up for just about any new adventure. If you like to travel, if you like to get out and explore, then you’ve come to the right place.

The blog features trip reports and planning advice for domestic and international destinations. I also offer travel tips and tricks; and I review travel related products I’ve personally used to make leaving home on an adventure easier and more fun.

When I’m not traveling, I love exploring the incredible city I call home, Nashville, TN, which is a fantastic place to visit. So if you are coming to Nashville, check out my Nashville section for recommendations on attractions, food, drink, and things to do during your stay.

A little about me:

My wife Lindsay is my stunning travel companion, and other than a once a year “guys” trip to Las Vegas, I never leave home without her 🙂 We love traveling and planning our trips together. Check out our food blog Love And Olive Oil for more about her.

My love for travel goes back to elementary school. I was fortunate to go to a public school that sponsored and organized educational trips each year. Starting in the fourth grade classes went hiking in Arches National Park, canoeing in Lake Powell, Utah; and later on in high school students could take trips to New York City, Boston, and Washington D.C. to name just a few destinations. The trips were geared toward experiential education and learning outside of the classroom.

These early school trips not only gave me the bug to travel, but also encouraged me to not be afraid to get out of town and explore, and started a life long journey of learning about other places and cultures.

Most of my free time is spent on my favorite hobby sewing. I design and make my own travel bags and clothing. You can check out some of my projects at TaylorTailor.

I’m still pretty new at travel writing, but hope to share everything I learn with you. Join me on this new adventure. Follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my blog.

Hopefully you will leave inspired to plan that trip you’ve been thinking about!